You have had bad days so you know just what these darling doggies are going through.

This dog who regrets taking a shortcut through the fence.

This dog who’s trying to nap in a tight squeeze.

If the cat can use this door, why can’t I?

This dog who decided to go through the cat door:

Reddit User: Friend-oh / Via

Nobody told me this was a raccoon trap!

This dog who got stuck in a raccoon cage:

Reddit User: TankVet / Via

Human, don’t fall for that fake dog. I’m right here and I’m real.

This dog watching a kid play with a fake dog:

Reddit User: Forester1983 / Via

I thought humans said this sofa was comfortable!
It isn’t!

This dog who just wanted to be more comfortable:

Why are human snacks always getting me in trouble?

Get outta my way human… I’m going for a slide!

This dog who just wanted to join in on the summer activities:

Reddit User: darkviper039 / Via

Why is my human gone soooo long?

This dog who just really, really wanted to say goodbye:

Reddit User: yummywifi / Via

It wasn’t me. The cat did it.  Really!

This dog who immediately regretted his snack choice:

Why oh why is this cat so mean to me?

This dog who is being trolled by a cat:

Reddit User: belhavenbest / Via

But I really need to bring this stick inside.

This dog who just really, really wanted to bring his stick inside:

Reddit User: SuperBox36 / Via

I thought the hanger was a dog toy, really I did.

This dog who thought this hanger was a toy:

Reddit User: DrewTIOY / Via

It seemed like a good idea when I started chewing….

This dog who chewed through its own bed and got stuck:

Reddit User: TheTrueMuffinMan / Via

Why do humans have such troublesome furniture?

This poor dog who got stuck in a table:

Reddit User: RYKWI / Via

I’m waiting for a text back from my human….

And this dog, who is still waiting on a text back:

Reddit User: quackr / Via    H/T buzzfeed

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