A rottweiler’s evil nature begins early in life. These puppies demonstrate how terrible and ruthless this breed truly is. Warning: some of these images may be disturbing.

Here we see a vicious attack on a defenseless stuffed animal.Rottweiler Puppy and Stuffed Animal

An angry horde of Rotties arrives in full force to attack the cameraman.group of Rottweiler puppies

Don’t be fooled by his cute little butt, these dogs will destroy all that is good and pure in the world.dog butt

Definitely trying to bite off a human leg here.

Rottweiler spinning around legs

Even while practicing yoga, these dogs are evil.yoga dog

Dragging off her victim and devouring the carcass.puppy with toy

So hot and thirsty after the bloodthirsty attack.puppy with stuffed animal

Appears to be trying to twerk: an obvious ploy.dog twerk

A close up of those nasty, flesh-tearing claws.puppy feet

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, CAMERAMAN!!!!horde of puppies running

Must be exhausting being so evil, huh?Rottweiler puppy falling asleep

Moral of the story: Rottweilers are the worst. These already ferocious puppies will grow into bigger and scarier monsters.

silly Rottweiler

Save yourself and your loved ones.

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