Get ready to smile all day once you see these puppers learn about stairs.
Just push play on any video below and you’ll be crushed by the cuteness.


Such a good boy.

Instagram: @the

A sweet little smoosher.

Instagram: @esteezakar

This furball is totally charming.

Instagram: @neelakai

Super smart little pup!

Instagram: @lavinthesamoyed

Another smarty-pup!

Instagram: @kayleetvo

Even if you’re tiny…

Instagram: @ourhallebeary

Such a good, good boy!

Instagram: @chillithelab

I may be small, but I’m going to do it!

Instagram: @baltimorebullys

A pupper with heart.

Instagram: @vossy

Go for it!

Instagram: @simba

Sweet little fur baby.

Instagram: @cibo

Such a tiny girl…

Instagram: @lucy_thebulldog_lulu

Smart and small.

Instagram: @brucewilliswayne

Wobbly but determined.

He’s going to master these stairs, just give him time!

Instagram: @cobeethecorgioutro

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H/t Buzzfeed