These hilarious photos will charm, delight, and occasionally worry you!  Check ’em out anyway.

When you decide to bring home a new puppy, you’re obviously excited about the new addition. But the pet already lives in your home may not be.

These cats are suspicious of the new pup.

cats spying on new puppy (Photo: panda_nectar/Reddit)

Big dog says “noooooo…..”

dog rolling eyes at new puppy(Photo: HarroMongorian/Reddit)

It’s a standoff at the stairs!

Cat on stairs, staring at puppy. (Photo: Malachi_-_Constant/Reddit)

Sometimes it’s love at first sight.

cat hugged by golden retriever puppy (Photo: bananawith3legs/Reddit)

The neighbors are checking things out…

Bassett hounds checking out new puppy (Photo: Reddit)

The new pup is oblivious to the scowl.

dog is scowling at family's new rescueJudy is scowling at her family’s new rescue, Carl. (Photo: diamondbro43/Reddit)

Guarding the new little pup.

old German shepherd guarding new puppy (Photo: fallsforever/Reddit)

The cat holds the high ground….

cat watching new French bulldog puppy (Photo: datman510/Reddit)

Tolerating the new pup…

dog wrestling with new puppyThis little guy just showed up from the Humane Society. (Photo: foeva/Reddit)

Sometimes a sweet doggie will give the new guy the best bed.

adult and puppy dobermans sleeping (Photo: trippyyy/Reddit)

Even the cat can tolerate the pup’s enthusiasm.

cat tolerates its new puppy (Photo: cjnj/Reddit)

Give the little fellow a big welcome hug!

older Lab hugging new puppy (Photo: Clurrrrrr/Reddit)

And how about a snuggle for the newbie.

dog with new puppy friend (Photo: Imgur)

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