I love it when celebrities do the right thing, and Miley Cyrus keeps on rescuing dogs! Read the whole story….

Here’s how the story was reported over at PetGuide.com

Miley Cyrus is the proud mom of Barbie – the latest addition to her furry family and a former lab tester that won her freedom thanks to The Beagle Freedom Project!

We love when celebrities do wonderful things, and Miley’s big heart is full of love for animals. Already, she’s made a loving home for Milky the Pitbull, Bean the Chihuahua mix, and Happy, a Rottweiler and Beagle mix.

The news broke on Instagram, where Miley posted a pic of Barbie,  (see image at top of this story)  saying: ““Happy to introduce the newest member of my family Barbie @beaglefreedom #stopannimaltesting #donttestonbeagles.”

The Beagle Freedom Project

If you’re not familiar with The Beagle Freedom Project, this organization works with laboratories to find forever homes for healthy, beagles who have been used for research.

They do amazing work, so if you can, donate to the cause.

Two paws up to you, Miley – and you know, there’s always room for one more…

H/T Petguide

#floydlovesbarbie #stoptestingonanimals #stopbeagletesting

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