We humans have an “inner child”.  These big BIG dogs have an inner puppy who just want to snuggle on your lap. Check ’em out below.

Just a pool party with puppy-snuggles …

This dog who just wants to tan.

Giant George is just a big couch potato pup.

Giant George, the dog who likes to relax on the couch.

And how about a huge, hairy hug to start your day?

This dog who wants a hug.

He used to fit on my lap…

This adorable dog who kind of resembles a wolf.

This human helps me get closer to the TV.

This dog trying to watch TV.

Why do you bring me here?
I hate haircuts … can’t you see?

This dog who doesn't like to go to the vet.

This sofa used to be big enough for the two of us.

This dog who is definitely hogging the couch.

Jump pup… jump. Sofas are for all of us.

This dog who just wants to escape that rat thing on the floor.

Hey human, where’d you put the treats?

This dog who you can't hide treats from.

Human pups grow up so fast….

This dog who takes babysitting too seriously.

My grammy won’t let me on her lap anymore.
Oh well, the chair beside her is comfy too.

This dog who likes chairs.

Best hug ever.

This dog who could mop my entire kitchen by rolling over once.

I like the humans water bowl better.

This dog who thinks the sink is his water bowl.

I used to fit in the human puppy carseat.

This dog who just wants to be a kid.

Young humans gotta learn respect.

This dog who doubles as a stool.

Another lapdog re-living his puppy cuddles.

This guy who's convinced he's a lap dog.

We all like a power-cuddle.

This dog who just wants to cuddle.

You OK up there little buddy?

This dog who's basically a horse for Chihuahuas.

Come on Mom, I’m still your lapdog.

This dog who's investigating something.

Netflix and chill, then crash on the sofa.

This dog who's dreaming of bacon and bones.

Quiet time is cuddle time.

This dog who would be a great shoulder to cry on.

BONUS: Cats can get huge too!


Featured image from  allthingsfuzzyandadorable.blogspot.com  H/T Buzzfeed For this

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