How To Make A Shelter For Homeless Cats : Video Instructions


Do you worry about homeless cats when the weather is bad?

Here’s how you can help a feral (homeless) cat stay safe and have a secure shelter.  Here at PetGiftBlog, we  don’t think you should invite a feral cat into your home.  It’s probably stressful for the cat, and you probably don’t want to start adopting homeless cats.

But fear not!

You can build an outdoor shelter to keep homeless cats comfortable in very cold temperatures or during heavy precipitation.


How To Make A Shelter For Homeless Cats : Video

Cole and Marlade have made a wonderful video that shows you everything you need to know to make a safe and secure shelter for feral cats.


Step One

Gather your materials,

  • knife
  • plastic tote container
  • styrofoam cooler
  • straw

step 1

Step Two

Cut a small hole in the tote, about 5 1/2 inches around.

Keep it small so larger animals cannot get in.

step 2 cute hole in tote

Step Three

Insert cooler

step 3 insert cooler

Step Four

Cut a matching hole in the cooler

step 4 cut matching hole

Step Five

Add straw.

Don’t use blankets, towels or carpeting for bedding, as they retain moisture (and no one likes a damp bed).

step 5 add straw

Step Six

Once there’s lots of straw inside, put the cooler lid on.
The cooler helps keep your homeless cat shelter nice and cozy.

step 6 add cooler lid

Step Seven

Put the tote lid on

step 7 put the tote lid on

You’re Finished!

This passes the Housecat Seal Of Approval.



Next Steps

Put the shelter outside, away from entrances and areas where children may play.

For more information on how to help community cats stay safe, warm and healthy during severe storms, visit the Alley Cat Allies website.

If you’re looking to make more substantial shelters, there are many different options to be found here:


Another Way To Help Homeless  Cats And Dogs

Our sister website,,  supports animal shelters in several ways, via contests, direct donations, and through our new “feed a shelter pet” program.

Every subscription to Pet Gift Box feeds four shelter dogs every month.

Learn more about PetGiftBox here.