Famous Cheers Mailman, Cliff Claven, Is Your Dog’s New Best Friend

Mr. Ratzenberger as Cliff Claven from "Cheers"
Mr. Ratzenberger as Cliff Claven from “Cheers”

Your dog will totally love this famous ex-mailman!  Cliff Claven from the TV show Cheers wants your dog to be happy!

Do you remember Cliff?

He had an answer for everything, and now he’s back with the perfect gifts for dog owners, sweets lovers, anglers, travellers, and wine afficionados.

Cliff Claven’s real name is John Ratzenberger and he’s not just a famous actor.  Mr. Ratzenberger is a business owner and philanphropist.  He has been advocating for the American worker for many years!

Here’s how the national press is covering the announcement of TheGiftBox.com

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Actor John Ratzenberger and entrepreneur David Polinsky have partnered to launch TheGiftBox.com.  Based on a proprietary technology platform, the website offers multiple categories of niche gift boxes, enabling customers to choose a different type of box every month.  With no long-term commitments, customers can pause or cancel their subscription anytime. Every purchase ships free and earns rewards points towards free boxes.

Phase one of TheGiftBox.com debuts with three offerings:  Pet Gift Box (for both cats & dogs) – seasonal themes with treats and toys personalized for the gender and size..  Paw Pack – all natural toys and treats with wheat, soy and corn -free option and an emphasis on sourcing organic and healthy products.  Sweets Gift Box  – decadent and delicious confections.

“TheGiftBox.com was a natural progression of the Made in America box I launched in 2014. Talking to small business owners who have great ideas for products we can use or themes for new boxes has been very exciting,” says Ratzenberger, who is best known for the iconic character Cliff on Cheers, the creator and host of Made in America and the only actor to voice a character in every Pixar film.  Ratzenberger has a long history as an entrepreneur having founded the ubiquitous shredded accordion packing paper used in gift bags and boxes worldwide.

“When it came to choosing the first phase of options, we knew we wanted to focus on the most popular gift categories for the holidays – candy and pets.  More than $400 million is spent on candy during the December holidays and most pet owners give a gift to their own pet or a friend’s,” adds Ratzenberger.  “Considering there are more than 170 million cats and dogs in America that’s a huge audience looking for new gift ideas.”

In the coming months, TheGiftBox.com will launch additional categories – based on an online voting poll – for Fishing, Chef, Escape, Party and Golf gift boxes among others. New categories will launch as the owners create or acquire dozens more box themes in the year ahead including Mommy, Teen, Camping, Bridal, College, Wine & Cheese, Gamer, Artist, Baby along with limited edition boxes from human and pet celebrities.

“We have made our first acquisition in the pet industry with the purchase of PawPack.com and have launched our newest internally developed box with the launch of SweetsGiftBox.com. We wanted to create an online platform where customers didn’t have to search the internet looking for just the right gift box or have to subscribe to multiple boxes on different sites. We’ve created a business model that will continue to expand into hundreds of categories, making it easy, fast and convenient to give or get truly unique, fun and affordable gift boxes – all available on one site at TheGiftBox.com,” says David Polinsky, co-founder and chairman of TheGiftBox.

At check out, customers will also have the opportunity to select which charity they would like a portion of their proceeds to benefit as philanthropy is an important pillar of TheGiftBox.com mission.

For interviews with John Ratzenberger, Davild Polinsky or sample gift boxes, contact:
Diane McNamara / diane@fireituppr.com / 617-304-1940

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