Best Of 2016 – Our Favorite Dog Photos & Videos


2016 was a great year for dogs on the internet.  Cute dogs, inspiring dogs, brave dogs, silly dogs, check ’em out below!

This golden retriever loves Christmas.

What a happy dog, 11/10.

More pups who wish Christmas would never end.

Merry dog-mas!

This swimming corgi paddled his way into our hearts this summer.

Dog swimmers won the summer of 2016

Doggie paddling!

A sofa full of sleeping pups.

And who doesn’t love a puppy party.

This video above made my soul cry.

Here’s another puppy party to warm your heart.

I love pups who pose, don’t you?

“Paint me like one of your French pups.”

Dogs have their thoughtful moments too.

Sure to be nominated for the Oscar,
best pup in a starring role.

A true dog superstar. Here he is doing the mannequin challenge.

Dogs like the Olympics too!

Here’s a Goldie sleeping with his favorite toy, a stuffed Goldie pupper.

(Golden retrievers are my one of my favourite breeds, in case that’s not clear.)

Here’s dog withTom Hardy, two dreamboats.

Dogs helped with housework in 2016.

And finally, two dog buddies who will stick together, no matter what 2017 brings.

From everyone at PetGiftBox
we simply wish you
and your loved ones a
Happy, Healthy New Year!