21 Smiling Dogs Guaranteed To Cheer You Up No Matter What!


Everybody needs a lift now and then, and these wonderful dogs can brighten even the darkest day.  Check ’em out!

Even in the darkest night,
this darling boy makes things all right.

This precious boy who wants you to know everything's going to be OK.

There’s no way to worry with this goofy buddy beside you.

This fellow who doesn't want you to worry anymore.

This fur baby loves you.

And this furb who doesn't want you to be sad.

Some dogs’ smiles
just fill your heart with joy.

Some dogs' smiles are pretty toothy, but they fill your heart with joy.

A sincere look of devotion.

Some are warm and pure.

I dare you not to love this smile.

This guy's smile takes all your troubles away.

Soulful eyes complete the smile.

And so does this one.

He’s 100% with you.

This soft pupper doesn't want you to look at the news anymore.

Hey human… it’s going to be OK!

Just look at their smiles instead.

What a grin …

This boy can't contain his excitement: the world exists, and it is great.

That is one really wide smile.

This pup's just so happy 'bout everyfin'.

This darling doggie wants you to know that “Life is good.”

And this doggo says, "Life is good."

The very definition of
an infectious grin.

There's no need to be sad or scared anymore.

A tiny doggie with a big heart.

The world is not such a dark place after all.

Your dog is always there for you.

We all feel afraid sometimes, but remember: this dog is out there somewhere.

ROFL, doggie style.

If the world seems scary, think about this friend.

A floofy sleepy smile.

How can life be bleak when we share it with floofs such as these?

A fierce smile from a fierce friend forever.

Bad things happen, but also dogs smile.

Go ahead, stare at this pic and try to feel bad… it can’t be done.

Politics exists, but so does this guy.

A precious buddy with a darling smile.

Their smiles are precious things.

Dear human, I love you.

Because no matter how hard things get, dogs are going to keep on smiling.

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