21 Cutest Puppies On The Internet- Maybe Even Cuter Than Yours


Charlie Brown says “happiness is a warm puppy.” These pictures prove it.  Check ’em out.

Hi Human, nice to see you.


rawranator / Via imgur.com

Puppies have many moods, all are sweet.

No matter how you're feeling today, just remember that puppies are real.

PeakyEscley / Via imgur.com

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

They exist in the world.

joshuamnr / Via reddit.com

Pups like to smile.

And they'll continue to exist, no matter what happens.

ALLCAPSGRANDMA / Via imgur.com

Tiny is cute.

They're small, and they're full of love and wonder.

allenwell / Via reddit.com

A silly pup always cheers us up.

And they can still make us feel pure joy in our hearts.

Karmran20896 / Via imgur.com

A dogs love is always there.

And nothing can take that away from us.

blackbeardsdelight / Via imgur.com

Even when that love is fierce…

No matter how dark things seem...

JenniTheWhale / Via imgur.com

Or if it’s a tough day…

Or how bleak the future looks...

isaaccyo / Via imgur.com

Pups with soul give us solace.

These sweet creatures will still be around.

justyoungblood / Via reddit.com

And they will be there for you.

And they need us.

ArkArsenal / Via reddit.com

Giving and getting our love.

They need our love and our care.

afterdarkart / Via imgur.com

A pups love is strong.

And in return, they'll love us just as fiercely.

deadandgrateful / Via imgur.com

Puppies need us to care for them.

Because they know that we need their love, too.

cam3raface / Via imgur.com

And return that love day after day…

When everything around us seems to be crumbling...

adambrock / Via imgur.com

Love is a fur lettered word.

We need to find joy wherever we can.

Pepcoz / Via reddit.com

Welcome sleepy pup.

Even if the joy is fleeting.

jonnylu13 / Via imgur.com

They grow up so fast.

Even if it only lasts a moment.

feleki / Via imgur.com

Puppies love is lasting.

Find ways to remember that true, pure love does exist.

Gurty / Via reddit.com

And loyalty lasts all their life long.

And, ultimately, love will win.

caseyjarryn / Via reddit.com

Love… love, love.


CreaminFreeman / Via imgur.com   H/T Buzzfeed 

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