19 Pictures Of Dogs Wanting Belly Rubs – You Know You Can’t Resist


Dogs love belly rubs! And humans like us love rubbing our doggo’s tummies.  What more do you need for a perfect moment?

Dogs like belly rubs because they feel good. A dog’s brain has a specific neuron that reacts to the stimulation of hair follicles. Rubbing or stroking a dog’s belly creates this reaction, making a belly rub especially satisfying.  (from Reference.com)

Hi, human, you know what to do.

Hello, human, I would like some pets please?

Go for it!

If I stick out my tongue, will I get rubs?

Go ahead, think of me as a dog…

I am in perfect belly rubs position!

Instagram: @joeythechihuahua  H/t Buzzfeed  Featured Image credit here.

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