These Halloween pups will totally charm you … and give you many brilliant costume ideas for your doggo too!  Check ’em out!


This pup has the heart of a lion

They don’t make stuffed animals quite this cute.

This doggo likes clowning around.

Cute or creepy? You decide.

Costumes make her crabby…

As they say…if the shoe fits, wear it.

First responder to fires.

He’s saving the day with his cuteness.

A seriously committed weiner dog.

Instagram: @heinrich_the_dachshund

Hot diggity dog.

Just your friendly neighborhood Triceratops

Instagram: @jessyymartin

Stay tuned for the new Spielberg hit, “Jurassic Bark.”

The pup and the boy have the heart of lions.

Instagram: @reagandoodle

Cuteness overload.

No speeding around Officer Doggo

Instagram: @pets_by_fancyme

Hey, someone’s gotta keep law and order around here.

Cutest Jack O Lantern in all the land.

Oh my gourd!

Not all sharks are scary.

Instagram: @jesster1823

I’d let this little guy bite me any day.

His spidey-sense is tingling…
… so is mine!

With great cuteness comes great responsibility.

This presidential fella has a great head of hair.

Trump wishes he looked this good.

A lobster from Maine

Well that’s clawfully adorable.

I love this Pomeranian Pikachu.

I have no words.

SuperDog with his humans

Don’t underestimate her teacup size.

This Superdog can (almost)
leap tall buildings in a single leap.

Instagram: @kobydogtheadventurer

Don’t let the underbite fool you…this guy mans business.

I’m not a fan of tortillas…

Taco’bout adorable.

Cutest teddy bear pup in the state.

Instagram: @homeandheartcda

He’s just monkeying around 🙊.



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