Check out these captivating cuties being trained as police dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue and many other important jobs!  You’ll love these photos.


Future K9 Police Officer

This future K9 officer is sure to have a great career, but right now he’s taking a well deserved rest from chasing the blue ball.

This police dog puppy is stopping the bad guys with his sheer cuteness.At this stage, this police dog puppy could stop the bad guys with sheer cuteness. (Photo: National Police Dog Foundation/Facebook)


Guide Dogs Of The Future.

Soon these pups will be helping the blind and visually impaired.  But right now they need their nap time.

three sleeping guide dog puppiesTraining is hard work. (Photo: Guide Dogs of America/Facebook)

Washed Out Of Police Training, This Pup Got A Promotion

Gavel the German shepherd puppy was just too friendly so he was kicked out of K9 training in Australia.

 Instead, he got a big new job as Vice Regal Dog for the Queensland governor. Best of all, he gets to be friendly with everybody.

Gavel the German shepherd puppy police dog dropoutIn his early days as a police puppy, Gavel just didn’t have the temperament for the job. (Photo: Governor of Queensland/Facebook)

Another Cute Guide Dog

We’re sure this little guy will grow into his harness, but right now it’s almost as big as he is….

service puppy wears tiny harness‘Seriously. What is this thing?’ (Photo: Southeastern Guide Dogs/Facebook)

The Prison Guard Pup

Here’s Hamish, a 9-week-old Redbone hound.Here he is on the job at the Oklahoma Correction Service headquarters, doing surveilance…. and working on his resume, as Hamish has big plans for his career.

Hamish the redbone houndHamish is training to hunt down escapees. (Photo: Oklahoma Department of Corrections/Facebook)


Service Dogs In Training

These service pup trainees love their peanut butter treats.

puppies eating peanut butterA tasty treat after a long day of training and playing. (Photo: Canine Assistants/Facebook)

Police Pups Need To Have A Game Face

This K9 trainee knows there’s a serious side to police training.

This future police dog shows some serious concentration skills.This future police dog shows some serious focus. (Photo: National Police Dog Foundation/Facebook)

Comfort Dogs For Trauma and Loss

We have covered several stories of comfort dogs helping out in disasters. Clearly this tiny trainee is taking the job seriously.

comfort dog and puppySometimes even comfort dogs need a little comfort. (Photo: Lutheran Church Charities/Facebook)


Canadian Service Dogs Handle The Cold Weather

This pup is ready for winter.

guide dog puppy at Waterton National ParkBC & Alberta Guide Dog Ivy got to train at lovely Waterton National Park in Alberta. (Photo: BC & Alberta Guide Dogs/Facebook)

Service Dogs Still Like To Meet Other Pups

Just because you’re a service pup doesn’t mean you don’t mingle with the civilian pups.

K-9 cadets socialize with civilians.K-9 cadets socialize at a puppy mixer. (Photo: National Police Dog Foundation/Facebook)

The K9 Pup Will Grow Into The Job

Soon this pup will be chasing down bad guys with the Taiwan Police.  But right now it’s afternoon nap time.

NPA puppy sleepingAlready falling asleep on the job. (Photo: Director of the Office of the NPA/Facebook


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featured image – Puppy Jake Foundation
h/t puppy jake foundation