The messy evidence is everywhere in these pics. But you will forgive these pups because their “innocent face” is totally convincing.  Check ’em out!

Mom… I’m innocent! The cat did it.

This explosion just came out of nowhere!

I didn’t do anything, it just jumped out by itself.

Problem? What problem?

I was just bringing you your shoes…

Let’s keep this whole cat thing on the downlow… please pretty please?
The other dogs just won’t understand.

I read that probiotics are good for dogs!

I saved you from the attack of the killer cucumbers!

Nothing to see here… move along…

This book is delicious, even better than the movie.

I plead innocent.  Where’s the proof?

The sandwich was delicious!  Next time skip the pickles.

This wouldn’t happen if you just stayed home.

I was just checking the fridge.  Really!

The tissue box exploded all by itself.

You can’t pin it on me.  There’s no evidence.:

I’ll clean it up, I was just getting around to it.

Let’s keep those darling doggos out of trouble!

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