It’s a cat’s world, so be glad they let us mere humans share their house.
These hilarious photos will brighten your day,
and put you in your place at the same time.

But First, A Cat Poem For You.


A Kitten

by Eleanor Farjeon

He’s nothing much but fur

And two round eyes of blue,

He has a giant purr

And a midget mew.

He darts and pats the air,

He starts and cocks his ear,

When there is nothing there

For him to see and hear.

He runs around in rings,

But why we cannot tell;

With sideways leaps he springs

At things invisible –

Then half-way through a leap

His startled eyeballs close,

And he drops off to sleep With one paw on his nose.

~ Eleanor Farjeon

Cats clearly do not understand the concept of humans having personal property…

Not only do cats not understand the concept of personal property...

Personal space is a foolish human concept.

...or personal space...

Brush well silly human…

...or personal hygiene...

I sits where I wants….

...they fundamentally don't understand right and wrong.

Your work is my playground.

The world is their playground.

Do as you’re told human…

Everything revolves around them.

Mess? What Mess?


Cats rule. Dogs drool.

The only thing that matters is them.

Humans are sooo anoying.

True confession time

Your household? In tatters.

My cat has mastered the art of disdain.

With "don't give a fuck" behavior comes "don't give a fuck" attitude.

Too bad human.
I needed to sit here.

Your hard work < their momentary comfort.

I am the center of this family,
not your middle daughter.

There's no time for sentiment.

And I follow no rules…

There's no regard for rules.

Hey human, it’s no big deal.
Those plants were in my way.

All that's left is that look, the "so what?" look.

But even after all that,
cats are cute enough to keep stealing our hearts.

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H/t Buzzfeed