Dogs being cats and cats being dogs.  Check out these whimsical pictures.

This big doggo has everything but the purrrrr.

You're a little big for that, pupper.

My cat plays fetch better than my beagle.

Who ever heard of a cat playing fetch?

And you thought only cats walked on your laptop.

I thought this was an annoying thing only cats did.

She learned this from our dog.

And that this was a cute thing only dogs did!

Her favorite place…

How did you even get up there, pupper?

Kitty loves walks on the leash.

That's not cat behaviour.

Total cat impression by our doggie.

I didn't even know dogs could loaf.

Kitty sneaks into the dog pack,
but we’re not fooled.

You can't fool us, kitty.

Our pup’s best cat impression.

I don't think you're in welcome territory there, buddy.

I still can’t believe she plays fetch so well.

You don't have to bring that back, you're a cat!

Usually it’s the cat who interrupts me.

I don't know what joy you can get from that, my pal.

Learned this from the pups.

Or this, my feline friend.

When your dog goes to the “cat side” of life.

This not standard dog behaviour.

Impressive cat style lounging around.

Though this is very impressive loafing.

Kitty at the window.

And this is a very convincing cat impression.

Ahh, the feline joys of hiding in a box.

Of course they also act like humans sometimes

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H/T Buzzfeed